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The area of a rectangle athletic field is represented by the expression 12y^3+48^2+24y sqaure meters. write an algebraic expression to represent one possible set of dimensions (in the same sense ''length times width'') of the athletic field. include the correct units with the solution

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    12y^3 + 48^2 + 24y
    Are you sure this is the equation?

    If so,
    A = Lw

    Factor, 12y^3 + 48^2 + 24
    12(y^3 + 2y + 192)

    L = 12 m^2
    w = (y^3 + 2y + 192) m^2

  • algebra -

    no its 12y^3+48y^2+24y

  • algebra -

    12y^3 + 48y^2 + 24y

    You try now. Hint, factor out 12y first.

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