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Can someone help me analyze this poem? I don't understand the poem

From a Correct Address in a Suburb of a Major City
By Helen Sorrels (1908)

She wears her middle age like a cowled
Gown, sleeved in it, folded high
At the breast
Charming, proper at cocktails
But the inner one raging
And how to hide her
How to keep her leashed, contain
The heat of her, the soaring cry
Never yet loosed,
Demanding a chance before the years devour her,
Before the marrow of her fine long legs
Congeals and she
Settles forever for this street, this house,
Her face set to the world
Sweet, sweet
Above the shocked, astonished

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    To me, this sounds like a frustrated middle-aged woman. She's bemoaning the loss of her youth and her hopes. She feels stuck in her same old routine in her same old house. While she goes through the social motions, she's yearning for something more and her inner self cries out in rage about her advancing years.

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    Thank you.

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