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p2o5+H2o = H2P2O6

why is it H3po4? instead of H2P2O6 please explain me

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    You appear to be trying to use the reactants and simply sum them to find the product. That is what is wrong.
    For example, Na + Cl2 ==> is not NaCl2 but NaCl. When Na combines with Na, the result is NaCl because Na has a valence of +1 and Cl has a valence of -1 therefore the formula is NaCl. You take care of making the atoms equal by balancing the equation.
    Na + Cl2 ==> NaCl and we balance it like this.
    2Na + Cl2 ==> 2NaCl.
    K2O + H2O ==> is not K2H2O2 but KOH. We balance it as this.
    K2O + H2O ==> 2KOH

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