7th grade introduction/conclusion

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I have this stupid extra credit thing due tommorrow about the forest and I need the steps to writing an intro and conclusion because I forgot to bring home my notes??????? So if u could help me out I really appreciate it!!!!???


  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -

    Your introduction is just that -- an introduction to the rest of your paper. Do not write your introduction until you've written the body of your paper.

    Introductions should start with an attention-grabber and end with your thesis statment.

    The conclusion sums up what you've said in your paper.

  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -

    but my teacher has like 3 to 4 steps to it the first one is to write an engaging sentence about that subject im writing about so do u know what the other ones are?

  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -

    Okay, so:
    An intro should have a "hook," or something that grabs the reader. It should introduce the topic you're talking about.
    The conclusion should basically be like your intro, wording it differently and wrapping it up, adding an end statement which may be your conclusion or whatever.
    You should include in the conclusion a transition word, something that may be: "To conclude; To summarize; Hence" And so forth.
    Hope this helps :D

  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -

    make the first 2 sentences a question about it to make it intersting. then write intersting facts about it or something intersteing to make it bring the crowd in and enjoy ur essay.
    the conclusion should be about what you wrote and the last sentence should be like intersting.

    believe me i wrote The novel The Help and look how well its gone selling!

  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -


  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -

    id had lost my 4square plan and i had wrote my introduction on the same paper and im out of ideas and its due monday i need help fast

  • 7th grade introduction/conclusion -

    Sorry for a useless reply, but Kathryn, if you wrote a novel you wouldn't be using "u" and "ur"

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