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Ammonia gas reacts with oxygen gas according to the following equation:
4NH3 + 5O2----4NO + 6H2O
a. How many moles of oxygen gas are needed to react with 23 moles of ammonia? (29 mole)
b. How may grams of NO are produced when 25 moles of oxygen gas react with an excess of ammonia? (600g)
c. If 24 grams of water are produced, how many moles of nitrogen monoxide are formed? (0.89 mole)
d. How many grams of oxygen are need to react with 6.78 grams of ammonia? (16.0 g)

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    If 40.0 grams of water are produced when 30.0 grams of ethane is burned, what is the % yield

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    How many grams of sodium are needed to produce 2.24 L of hyrdogen collected at 23 and 92.5 kPa?

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    Lick balls.

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    Calculate the number of moles of nitrogen monoxide needed for 2.5 moles of oxygen to react

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