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physics graphing help please

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(a) Write the equation for a transverse sinusoidal wave with a maximum amplitude of 2.5 cm and an angular frequency of 2.9 rad/s that is moving along the positive x-direction with a wave speed that is 5.00 times as fast as the maximum speed of a point on the string. Assume that at time t=0, the point x=0 is at y=0 and then moves in the -y direction in the next instant of time.

(b) Plot the graph for y(x,t) versus x at t= 0 and t=0.01 s.

(c) For that same function plot a graph of y(x,t) versus t at x=0.

So, I think I have the equation right, I used Asin(wt-kx) as my skeleton, and input the values so my equation is 0.025[-sin(2.9t-0.58x)]

But now I have no idea how to graph this.

I have my two graphs set up #1 has x on the x axis and y(x,t) on the y axis, and for #2, I have y(x,t) on the y axis and t on the x axis. Now what do I do? I'm really really bad at graphing.

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