posted by Monica

our goal is to pick a candy. My candy i picked was Mars Bar. The teacher told us to make 3 claims of our chocolate and then beside those 3 claims we have to write 3 evidences. The 3 evidences are the things im having trouble on. I have my 3 claims already but i don't have any evidence. our evidence has to relate to our 3 claims. the teacher told us to go on the computer and find evidence:

example of evidence: its the 2nd best chocolate bar(i don't think that's true)
My 3 claims are:
1. its chocolate
2. has a little bit of caramel in it
3. tastes sooo good, mouthwatering, crunchy!


  1. hw

    for the first one perhaps say what chocolate is made from....even include from what country the cacao beans come from

  2. Monica

    that doesnt make sense to me?
    i need evidence that relates to the claim and the mars bar. how do figuring wut chocolate is made from help?

  3. Ms. Sue

    The evidence that it's chocolate can be the listing of ingredients on the wrapper plus the origin of the chocolate, if known.

  4. hw

    say that it is made from delicious cocoa powder, sugar and milk

  5. Monica

    can u tell me the rating of this chocolate bar? if it was rated 1st, 2nd etc...

  6. Monica

    wut do i do for the caramel and the tastes soo good mouthwatering crunchy part?

  7. Ms. Sue

    I no nothing about rating candy bars. Who does the ratings? Why? What about differences in taste?

  8. Ms. Sue


  9. Monica

    but wut about the caramel part, what do i write about that?

  10. Monica

    i changed my 3rd claim: its now: there are lots of ways to eat it..

    and my evidence is you can eat it as a snack or many people eat it as a treat on birthdays
    im still having trouble for the caramel

  11. Arushi

    for the caramel all i wrote was that the chocolate and caramel make a great combo
    is that ok?

  12. Monica

    i think its great!

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