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I'm stuck here don't have a clue what to do. I've read all my school textbooks but it doesn't make much sense!! The numbers after the letters are small figures as in they u3 meaning( u x u x u). Ta!

Factorise the expression
5 u3v +15 uv2-10v
taking out the highest common factor. Choose the expression that remains in brackets when this is done.
Select one:
u 3 + 3 uv − 10 
u 3 + 3 uv − 2
u 3 + 15 uv − 2 
u 3 + 3 uv 2 − 2 
u 3v + 3 uv − 2 
5 u 3 + 3 uv − 2 
u 3v + 3 uv 2 − 2 v 
5 u 3 + 15 uv − 10 

  • maths -

    5(u^3)(v) + 15(u)(v^2) - 10v

    you are looking for the largest expression which divides into all 3 terms
    I see 5 going into everybody, and also v is found in each term, so
    5v(u^3 + 3uv - 2) would be the factored form

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