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What factors may contribute to the differences in GDP per capita in the areas of the world in places like Europe which is high compared to Africa which is low? I know that the United States and Europe are more technologically advanced than Africa. I also know that economically Africa is one of the poorest places. Are there any factors that you can help me think of? Thanks.

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    Europe and the U.S. produce goods that people buy. In Africa, goods are not produced, so people don't have jobs to buy consumer products.

    Years of living under European colonialism contributed to the lack of Africa's industrialization and concepts of stable governments.

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    Thanks, that is quite helpful do you have any additional information or links you could provide me with. I need to write like 3 pargraphs about this topic. Thanks Ms.Sue!

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    You're welcome.

    You'll find more information in these sites.

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