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Can someone briefly explain what the big bang theory is and the process? I hjave a sound understandning of it and i'm quite curious. Thanks

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    Here are several great articles on the big bang theory.

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    Thanks :)

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    You're welcome.

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    So is this right? PS I tried putting some of it in my own words.

    The Big Bang Theory occurred 14 billion years ago from a singularity (a single point, smaller than a pinhead with infinite temperature and density).

    It is believed that everything (time, matter, space, stars etc) was created after the 'Big Bang' and was 'packed' at one tiny point.

    In a fraction of a second, the Universe grew from smaller than a single atom to bigger than a galaxy. And it kept on growing at a fantastic rate. It is still expanding today.

    As the Universe expanded and cooled, energy changed into particles of matter and antimatter. These two opposite types of particles largely destroyed each other. But some matter survived. More stable particles called protons and neutrons started to form when the Universe was one second old.

    Over the next three minutes, the temperature dropped below 1 billion degrees Celsius. It was now cool enough for the protons and neutrons to come together, forming hydrogen and helium nuclei.
    After 300 000 years, the Universe had cooled to about 3000 degrees. Atomic nuclei could finally capture electrons to form atoms. The Universe filled with clouds of hydrogen and helium gas.

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    I don't have the knowledge to comment on your content. The only thing I'd change though, is your use of the word "singularity." Omit it and the parentheses following it.

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    You love grammar, don't you Ms SUE?

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