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Colonies in the Wilderness 1814-1840

The Land Of Yesterday:
(Im putting down paragraphs from my book to here as I want to shorten them in the end, and only gather the important key notes I need)

The history of Canada has always been affected by its geography. Following war of 1812, settlers poured into Upper Canada, attracted by rich and relatively inexpensive farmland. Quebec, then called Lower Canada, continued on its steady course, its economy based on farming practices that had endured for more then two hundred years. Its trading capital, Montreal, attracted Scottish and Amercian entrepreneurs. The maritimes, well-settled and stable were shipbuilding centre and traded with Britain and New England. Newfoundland prospered in its age-old economy based on fish and timber. By 1800 population arose to 16 000(people living along coast of Newfoundland and fished for living.)
In north/west from northern labrador to rocky mountains, the HBC claimed all lands drained by rivers flowing into HB. In competition with HBC, the NWC fought for control of the southern fur trade and trade beyond the Rockies, and set up posts wherever it could. Russians and Americans and even Spanish for a time, claimed the coast of BC. Most immigrants to British and N.A wanted to farm. Fertile soils of Upper canada, and groves of timber-producing hard-woods, were very attractive. Lands closest to the US and to the waterways were most desirable. These were all in the south. North of present-day Barrie, the rocky Canadian Shield was barrier to agriculture. Even the woodlands south of Georgian Bay were often rock-strewn and the climate was not ideal for agriculture. This was an era of few roads, and it often took days to travel 100 km Land just 50 km away from York, Cronwall, or Niagra was considered to be romote.

Main Points:
Immigrants = People settling in a country(new comers)
Entrepreneur = Someone who initiates or finances new commercial enterprises.
(Could I get a simpler definition for this word please?)
Maritimes(Relating to the sea, shipping, sailing in ships, or living and working at the sea.)

Shorter version of the above paragraph)

Geaography has affected history of Canada.

Im trying my hardest to pick out all the main points, but I end up writing the whole thing, I don't know which important information to pick out from here, I don't really understand some parts of the above paragraph, which is why Im trying to put it into a shorter version that I can understand, but it's just not working, I cant put them into my own words:(

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    Entrepreneur: someone who starts a new business

    The basic idea of this paragraph is in the first sentence: Geography has affected Canada's history.

    Some immigrants became farmers. Some became businessmen; some became fishermen; some were fur trappers and traders.

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    Thank you Ms. Sue so much:)

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    You're very welcome, Sara.

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