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Algebra- is my answer right

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Choose the end behavior of the graph of each polynomial function.

A f(x)= -5x^3-4x^2+8x+5
B f(x)= -4x^6+6x^4-6x^3-2x^2
C f(x)= 2x(x-1)^2(x+3)

A= falls to the left and rises to the right
B= Falls to the left and right
C=Rises to the right and left.

  • Algebra- is my answer right -

    disagree on the first one
    -x^3 = -x (x)^2
    x^2 is always +
    -x is positive left and negative right
    rises to left, falls to right

  • Algebra- is my answer right -

    Got it thanks

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