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given xz=72, xy=5x+3 and yz=8x-9. is Y the midpoint of ling xz?
explain answer.

  • geometry -

    xz = 72
    xy = 5x + 3
    yz = 8x - 9

    5x + 3 + 8x - 9 = 72
    13x - 6 = 72
    13x = 78
    x = 6

    So, for y to be the midpoint of xz,
    xy = yz

    5x + 3 = 8x - 9
    x = 6
    5(6) + 3 = 8(6) - 9
    30 + 3 = 48 - 9
    33 not = 39

    y is not the midpoint

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