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In the figure shown, NK and ML are parallel, JN=10 feet, NK=14 feet, JL=22 feet, and ML=24. Find KL.

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    Not enough info.

    I don't have the figure to look at.

    Where is JN?
    Where is JL?
    Where is KL?

    Is this a triangle, a square, etc?

    Without a detailed description, your question cannot be answered.

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    / \
    / \
    N /_________\ K
    / \
    / \

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    Sorry, I was trying to draw the figure

    here's a link to the photo:

    Its a triangle with JN and NM on the left side and JK and KL on the right side. NK is a horizontal line in the middle of the triangle. The triangle isn't equilateral. The right side is obtuse.

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