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while on the moon, the Apollo astronauts enjoyed the effect of a gravity much smaller than that on earth. if Neil Armstrong jumped up on the moon with an initial speed of 1.51 m/s to a height of 0.700m, what amount of gravitational acceleration did he experience?

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    Using conservation of energy,
    (1/2)M Vo^2 = M g'H, so
    g' = Vo^2/(2H)
    is the value of the acceleration of gravity on the moon.

    I get 1.63 m/s^2

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    1.4g=1.51^2 /g
    g=0.6140081575 m/s^2

    1.63m/s^2 is not the correct answer, take for example this:

    10=5g What is 'g'?

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    1.63 m/s^2 is the correct answer

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    Marko 1.51^2 /g doesn't equal 2.2801g it equals 2.2801/g. So your answer is the reciprical of the right answer. Nice try though.

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