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Ask a question using Qui, Qui a la, Quelle, Quand, etc.

1.Quand tu vas a la cafe?
2.Qui vas aller a lècole?
3.Quelle heure est-il?

Have I got all of them?

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    "Un café" is a public place where people drink coffee. Correction of gender and spelling required ("au café")

    The structure of the sentence does not look right (no inversion in a question). I'll pass and let Mme Sra look at this one.

    "vas" is present tense second person singular. You need the third person "va".
    Note the accent in "l'école".

    Looks right to me.

  • French -

    Word order for question = interrogative word/question word + verb + subject

    Quand va-t-il aller à l'école?
    OR your sentence:
    Quand vas-tu au café?

    Qui va aller à l'école?

    How much have you studied writing questions? Here are 3 ways:
    1. Va-t-elle comprendre?
    2. Est-ce qu'elle va comprendre?
    3. Elle va comprendre, non? (Or n'est-ce pas?)

    1. inversion
    2. est-ce que + straight word order
    3. straight word order, followed by: non? or n'est-ce pas?

    #3 is the easiest
    #2 is the next easiest
    #1 may be the hardest at first for students, but is the most common !

    Please feel free to ask any question you might have.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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