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1) An elevator goes down 7 floors, up 3 floors, up 6 floors, down 8 floors, up 1 floor, and down 6 floors. It is now on floor 3. Which floor did it start on?

2) Megan bought a book for $12.00, received an allowance of $15.00, paid back a loan of $7.00, bought lunch for $8.50,earned $8.00 raking leaves, and found $2.00. She now has $22.25. How much did she start with?

3) Miguel and Yoshi went rock climbing. Miguel climbed up 15m, back down 4m, climbed 6m,slid back 17m, climbed up 22m, rested and climbed 14m more. Yoshi climbed 12m, slid back 4m, rested, climbed up 33m and slid back 7m. They are now together at the 40m mark. At what level did each start climbing?

4) Shailini's plane leaves at 3:35 P.M. She has to check in 2 h before take-off. She takes 1 h and 35 min to get to the airport from her home. Shailini must first drop off her dog, Fido, at her friend's house next door. She wants to spend 45 min talking to her friend.What is the latest time she should leave her house?

  1. helper

    Set-up equations

    1) x - 7 + 3 + 6 - 8 + 1 - 6 = 3
    x + 10 - 21 = 3
    x - 11 = 3
    x = 13

    2) x - 12.00 + 15.00 - 7.00 - 8.50 + 8.00
    + 2.00 = 22.25

    You solve

    x + 15 - 4 + 6 - 17 + 22 + 14 = 40

    x + 12 - 4 + 33 - 7 = 40
    You solve

    2:00--less 2h
    1:35--less to get to airport
    00:45--less 45 min talking
    11:15--leave house

    Check for this
    11:15---leave house
    00:45---45 min talking
    12:00---time now
    1:35---1 hr 35 min trip to airport
    1:35---time now at airport
    2:00---2 hrs early for check-in
    3:35---time now--
    plane leaves

  2. Sabina

    I think in a question 2 the answer is 24.75. Correct?

    What about a question 4. 3:35 is the latest time she should leave her house?

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