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Respond to ONE of the following discussion questions below. Be sure to support your position with evidence from your American History text. In addition, respond to at least one other student's post stating whether you agree or disagree with his or her opinion, supporting your position. Be sure to include the question in your posted response.

If a nation's population grows, causing a greater demand for resources, does it have the right to acquire resources through imperialism? Why or why not? (Consider the Manchurian Incident)

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    First of all, select the ONE you want to do.

    Next, tell us HOW we can help you. This is a HELP site, so I hope you are not asking us to DO the work for you!

    If the question you have selected is your choice, begin with the question. When a nation's population grows......

    Take a stand. What is it you intend to prove in your paper? After you have stated that, present your case. Usually this is a 5 paragraph essay. The easiest format (although not the only one) is paragraph 1 = the thesis, paragraph 2, 3, 4, = the points with your proof, paragraph 5 = the conclusion. It is a good idea to also consider the opposite view so you can show why YOUR view is so much better.


  • U.S. HISTORY!! -

    Gee -- since we don't have your American History text, we can't answer this for you.

  • U.S. HISTORY!! -

    Yes the need is justified and imperialism is not terrible and if it gets too bad whoever is the perosn you get the resources from will make war.

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