Algebra 2 Could use help asap

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I really am trying to work these problems out on my own. Please help
If f(x)=3x^2 g(x)= 1/6+x find the following and give the domain

(f+g) (x) (3x^2) + (1/6+x)
x is all real numbers and x is not equal to 6
(f-g) (x) (3x^2) - (1/6+x) 3x^2-x-6
x is all real numbers and x is not equal to -6
(f x g) (x) (f/g) (x) 3x^2/6-x
x is all real numbers
(f/g)(x) 3x^2/ 1/6+x
x is all real numbers; x is not equal to 6

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