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Spanish-7th grade

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How do I answer this question?

¿Qué haces los lunes a las diez de la mañana?

Hago estudio.

Hago escribo

Escucho a la maestra.

Hago miro la televisión.

  • Spanish-7th grade -

    What are you doing Monday at 10 o'clock?

    I Study.
    I write.
    I listen to the teacher.
    I watch television.

  • Spanish-7th grade -

    Thanks-I knew the translation-I just wasn't sure which to pick but I figured it out-I know which three of them are wrong, now.


  • Spanish-7th grade -

    Hopefully you DO know. Just to verify, the answer is: Escucho a la maestra.
    I listen/I do listen/I am listening (3 possible English translations) + personal "a" before a direct object that is a person, but NEVER translated + the teacher.


  • Spanish-7th grade-Thanks for checking -

    Thank you-I knew when I relooked-Two verbs were conjugated in each of the other three and only the first one should have been: example hago was conjugated but not escribo-not both at the same time

    Thanks again

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