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1. The first step to planning a child care center is to
A. develop your program philosophy.
B. determine the nature of the need for child care facilities in your community.
C. establish goals for the children, parents, staff, and community.
D. determine which method of teaching you'll use.

2. Which of the following best describes why you need to establish goals for your program?
A. Goals will let parents know the philosophy of your program.
B. Goals tell the community how much they can gain from your program.
C. Goals are essential for the children to follow so they may be successful in your program.
D. Goals are set to help you understand what it is that you want to accomplish.

3. Philosophy in a child care program is
A. the basis for developing your basic curriculum or program plans.
B. understanding normal child growth and development.
C. how you'll go about accomplishing your goal.
D. a list of policy considerations for parents to follow.

4. Of the following models of education, which one is more in use than all of the other models combined?
A. Developmental-interaction
B. Cognitive
C. Behavior learning
D. Eclectic or traditional

5. Which of the following is not included in an admission and enrollment policies handbook for parents?
A. Hours of operation
B. Orientation policy
C. Rights of the employer and the worker
D. Financial policy

6. Most states have licensing or registration requirements for child care centers and family day care homes. These usually include minimum standards for operation. Which one of the following would you most likely find required in a statement of state licensing standards for child care centers?
A. Philosophy of education
B. Staff pay and discipline procedures
C. Teacher-child ratios
D. Verification of business plan

7. You're writing a description of your eclectic model program for a brochure. Which one of the following sentences would you not use?
A. Classroom is filled with materials that are designed for a specific purpose to be used in a prescribed manner.
B. Child is an active learner.
C. Teacher establishes the environment for the children to interact with.
D. Program recognizes the stages of child development.

8. Which one of the following is an advantage of setting up a family day care home?
A. Your own child or children will have children to play with.
B. You can obtain a tax-exempt status.
C. You'll be eligible for federal aid.
D. You can enroll as many children as you wish.

9. You've decided to open a nonprofit child care center. What is one of the greatest advantages of this type of program?
A. You're more independent since tuition fees are the only source of income.
B. You aren't answerable to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).
C. Program can receive tax-deductible donations and contributions.
D. You don't have to become involved in politics.

10. Which one of the following is true of a limited partnership?
A. It allows the organizer to retain control rather than sharing it.
B. This association is based on equal status of partners.
C. Obligations and debts are equal for all partners.
D. Limited partners can remain secret.

11. When incorporating a business, which one of the following is not a major step to take?
A. Preparation of articles of incorporation
B. Filing your employee policies with the proper state agency
C. Preparation of bylaws
D. Holding an incorporator's meeting

12. Of the following kinds of insurance, which is required by law for a business with employees?
A. Workers' compensation
B. Theft
C. Accident
D. Fire

13. Some states' regulations prohibit family day care homes from using which one of the following rooms for child care?
A. Kitchen
B. Upstairs room
C. Living room
D. Family room

14. As described in this study unit, which of the following is the key in a quality child care center?
A. Location
B. Equipment and supplies
C. A sound budget
D. Staff

15. Of the forms used in a child care program, which of the following would not be required for the children?
A. Fingerprint form
B. Medical form
C. Emergency Identification form
D. Field trip permission form

16. All of the following are methods of bringing your business to the attention of prospective clients. Once your child care business is established, which one could you expect to be the most effective?
A. Newspaper ad
B. Yellow Pages ad
C. Brochure
D. Word of mouth

17. Of the steps listed below, which step comes after the other three?
A. Planning space
B. Obtaining insurance
C. Hiring staff
D. Developing goals and policies

18. Which one of the following survey methods probably yields the most accurate information?
A. Telephone questionnaire
B. Mail-in questionnaire
C. On-site questionnaire
D. Shopping center questionnaire

19. Which of the following is paid equally by employer and employee?
A. Workers' compensation
B. FICA tax
C. Unemployment insurance
D. Federal income tax

20. Of all the steps needed for setting up a child care facility, the step that must come first is
A. stating program goals.
B. developing a business plan.
C. assessing child care needs.
D. determining licensing requirements.

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    14.C ,NOT SURE B, OR B.

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    3 is c 4 is d 14 is d

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