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Name some jobs that use French.
Where knowing French is important?

Some jobs that use French are a teacher, translator/interpreter, Travel/hospitality, Foreign service officer, foreign language instructor, etc.

Where knowing french is important?
-In a foreign country/france itself, quebec.

Any others I could add?

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    The Official Lnguages Act applies to all (Canadian) Federal government offices and Crown corporations. Some Crown Corporations that have been privatized, such as Air Canada and Via Rail have decided to retain the language obligations.

    Again, see link to Official Languages Act.

    Also, it is important to know that with globalization, it is important to know more foreign languages for business travel and for pleasure trips. There are 28 countries where French is a national language, and 18 more that belong to the OIF (International Francophone Organization).
    See: (Broken Link Removed)

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    May I speak to your question: "Where is French important?" The truth is that once you learn a skill, you NEVER know where it might come in handy!

    Once I was able to use French with a group of Japanse business men. My Japanese is VERY limited, as I n ither read nor write. This gentleman had an upset stomach and spoke French. We were able to get him some ginger ale, which alleviated his suffering!

    Also, once on a Spanish train, a French lady had a terrible cold. I was able to provide Kleenix for her and we BOTH felt good!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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