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As promised, I'm posting you the sentences I'm really doubtful of. I hope you can help me with the rephrasing.

1)He has devoted his entire life to pursuing facts. He is described as carrying a rule, a pair of scales and a multiplication table always in his pocket.
2)His surname is symbolic of the utilitarian philosophy he embodies. It consists of “grade”, which indicates a particular level of quality of a product, and “grind”, which means crushing into powder.
3) As a matter of fact, he crushes his students with facts to make them achieve the best results.
4) He is compared to a cannon loaded to the muzzle with facts and prepared to blow them clean out of childhood. (I can't understand this.)
5) The girl, however, dares to answer back about her father. First, she replies that her father calls her Sissy and then that he belongs to the horse-riding, that is to the world of imagination Mr Grandgrind totally rejects.
6) In contrast, Mr Gradgrind takes offence at her remarks and qualifies her father as a horsebreaker, a veterinary surgeon and a farrier.

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    OOPS! I had this ready to post and "poof" I lost it. Let me begin again!

    Just guessing from "rule" and "Mr" that you are from the UK? Considering the audience for whom you are writing, the vocabulary and punctuation could be different.

    4) "to blow them clean out of childhood" is to force them to be more mature, whether they are ready or not (Is that clearer?)

    5) he belongs to the horse-riding set/element/group (it requires a noun to modify) You could say "to the horse-riders" and then you would have a noun but I like yours better.

    6) Stuffy Mr Gradgrind! Is he a snob? That career is perfectly acceptable! :)


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