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find the distance from the orgin to each of the following points .If your answer is irrational,leave it in radical form.

my answers : what do they mean by leave it radical form

a.sqrt 58

b.Sqrt 52 = 2sqrt 13 or should i just leave it 52



e.i don't know ?? is it 2 sqrt5 or should i just leave it 20


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    Leave in radical form means don't simplify the sqrt (radical) to exact value.

    Example, exact value of (sqrt(2))= 1.4142

    All your answers are correct.

    Always simplify radicals, ie,(like you did), but wasn't sure,
    (sqrt(52)) = 2(sqrt(13)) don't leave as
    (sqrt(20) = 2(sqrt(5)) don't leave as

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