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The angle an airplane propeller makes with the horizontal as a function of time is given by \theta = (115 <units>rad/s</units>)t + (45.0 <units>rad/s^2</units>)t^2. calculate the angular acceleration from 0 to 1.o sec

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    Your equation is rather hard to read. Let's write is as
    theta = 115 (rad/s)*t + 45 (rad/s^2)*t^2.

    The angular velocity is
    d(theta)/dt = omega = 115 + 90 t rad/s

    The angular acceleration rate is
    d^2/(theta)/dt^2 = alpha = 90 rad/s^s

    The angular acceleration rate (alpha) is twice the second term, or 90 rad/s^2

    90 will remain the acceleration rate while it is accelerating according to that formula you provided.

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