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In the figure below, the fresh water behind a reservoir dam has depth D = 13 m. A horizontal pipe 6.0 cm in diameter passes through the dam at depth d = 6.0 m. A plug secures the pipe opening.
(a) Find the magnitude of the frictional force between plug and pipe wall.
1Your answer is correct. N

(b) The plug is removed. What water volume exits the pipe in 2.6 h?

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    I got part a) 166.25

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    (b) Multiply the pipe cross sectional area (pi*(0.06)^2/4 m^2) by the velocity of the water leaving. You will get a volume flow rate in m^3/s.

    The water flow velocity can be obtained from the Bernoulli equation. It depends upon d, not D.

    v = sqrt(2 g d)

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