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Consider yourself a consultant who specializes in communications and business relations with your assigned country/region. YOU are the expert. Your audience is a group of American business people of varying levels within the organization; your boss is Johanna Owens, vice president of international business development.

Your Task

Research one of the following countries (Singapore, Germany, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, India) and compile relevant information for your audience. You should consider concepts related to oral and written communications, general meeting protocol, expected levels of formality, dos and don’ts in that particular culture, sensitivity to religious or national holidays, etc. There are a tremendous number of resources—online and print—that should help you. I expect that you will use a minimum of three sources.

After learning as much as you can, please write a memo to your boss, summarizing your findings and noting at least three specific points my “staff and I” would need to know were we embarking on a business transaction with a group of people or a company from that particular country/region

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    How would you like us to help you with this assignment?

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    How do I set up the memo form on paper and what key points do I look for when trying to communicate what to do at a meeting in India and what not to do?

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