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Statistics -Please help :/

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I'm having a problem with the entire Chi-square thing..

I do have answers to these but I'm not sure how to work them out..

If you could help that would be great! :)

1st part:
A,B,C are schools. Is the choice of math programs followed independently by school? Write the hypotheses.

2nd part:
There is a table with X,Y,Z for rows and S,M,H for rows
show that this table has 4 degrees of freedom and show that expected frequency for YM is 28.78 correct to 2 decimal places.

3rd part:
find the complete Chi-Square statistic..
(I want to know how to get the expected for each cell of the table)

  • Statistics -Please help :/ -

    I need this as well......

  • Statistics -Please help :/ -

    E for each cell = (row total * column total)/grand total

    Degrees of freedom = (number of rows - 1)(number of columns - 1)

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