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Does this make sense?

My Plan A is to do something with geology. I take deep interest in learning about Earth's structure and about the universe. Exploring and discovering solution connecting with earth would be very intersting. I would somewhat be able to contribute to the world.

Do I need to add anything else within here, change anything around. Do the sentences make sense at all?

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    discovering solutions

    Your last sentence can be shortened, omitting "somewhat."

    Assuming you're in high school, what classes do you plan to take to prepare you for college-level geology course work?

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    My Plan A is to do something with geology. I take deep interest in learning about Earth's structure and about the universe. Exploring and discovering solutions connecting with eartch would be very interesting. I would be able to contribute to the world.

    My educational pathway is...For this plan, I would go to university and study Environmental Geology, and also take...(what else could I include)
    I could also take a course in physics and study about gravity and seismic characteristics of earth.

    The credentials I am pursuing are ...
    To do this job, I would need to have a masters degree in earth science. I possibly may need to have a bachelor's degree. I would also need some computer skills. I would need to work on oral and written communication skills as they are important aspects of the work. I would need to improve on my analytical thinking as its required in this course.

    The costs are... The costs for a degree program are ....
    I cant find the costs(TRU)

    How does this sound and really need help with last one

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    The masters degree comes AFTER the bachelors degree. It will take 4 or 5 years to earn your bachelors, and another year or two to earn your masters.

    For costs, check on the costs of two or three colleges or universities that you might attend. Find the websites for these schools online.

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    Alright thanks Ms. Sue. Ill post this tomorrow after completing it today. Thanks.

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    You're welcome.

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