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f you have 150 milliliters of water and it freezes, how many grams of ice do you have?

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    That's an easy one the answer is 150mL=150g the ratio is the same it's 1/1 see 150ml*1g/mL=150g

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    John is right unless one wants to get picky. Technically, one needs to know three things.
    1. What is the initial temperature of the water?
    2. What is the density of the water at that temperature?
    3. How accurately do you want to know the answer?

    For example, the density of water at 80 C = 0.9718 g/mL according to one of the sites on the web; therefore, 150 mL has a mass of 0.9718 g/mL x 150 mL = 146 g and that would produce 146 g ice at zero C.

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