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Math (Pre-cal)

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I can't seem to figure this out.
A ship leaves at noon and travels due West at 20 knots. At 2:00 it changes to N54°W...Find the bearing and the distance FROM port at 3:00 pm.
I've looked at this program for a while but can't figure it out.

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    What program are you looking at?
    The calculations can be done by hand.

    The ships sails due west for two hours at 20 knots, so by 14:00, it is 40 knots west of port.

    It then changes course to N54°W for one hour. So it has travelled further west 20*tan(54°) and towards north 20cot(54°).

    So total distance due west
    x = -(40+20tan(54°))
    and due north
    y = 20cot(54°)
    Thus bearing at 15:00 is
    N tan-1(x/y) W

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