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i'm typing my lab 2, case 8 radiology report and can't make out one word in the report. "carotery stick" it what it sounds like the lady is saying, but it doesn't make sense and I can't find it in any dictionary. help

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    How would our guess be any better? You didn't even type out the words around it to give us a context.

    As a side note, is the subject correct for this question? I've had many classes that have labs (chemistry, biology, and physics), but I never had a Penn Foster lab. :-)

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    sorry, my first time using this site. Medical Transcription lab homework. Radiology report. Woman dictates "in the plantar medial soft tissues extending to this abnormal soft tissue, carotery stick, suggesting an area of ulceration." I'm not sure if I'm understanding her correctly and carotery stick doesn't fit or even exist that I'm aware. Any suggestions on medical terminology?

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