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From her house, Mary travels to New York at an average rate of 50 miles per
hour and then returns home at an average rate of 32 mph. After taking 2
hours longer on the return trip than the time it took her to get to New York,she finds that she still has 17 miles to go before she arrives home.

How many miles is it from New York to Mary’s house?

~Is there some kind of a equation to solve this problem or a method? Please help?

  • algebra -

    50(Time)=32(Time + 2 hours)+17
    50 x t = 32t + 64 +17
    50t = 32t +81
    Plug this in to the origional equation
    50(4.5)= 225 miles to New York
    Check answer
    32(4.5 +2)+17=225
    I hope this clears up this problem for you

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