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Graph the equation using the slope and the y-intercept y=7/6x+2.

Thank you for your help.

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    This is something you will have to do.

    Because of formatting, it is not possible to graph here.

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    2 is your Y-intercept. So you plot a dot on the 2 on the Y-axis. The slope is 7/6. This is what you do to graph the line. After plotting the dot on the 2 of the Y-axis you go up by seven and go the horizantal way 6 times. You keep on doing this.

    It's kind of hard to explain, you should go and search on the internet about Y-intercepts and how to plot.

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    Please ask about what you don't understand how to do.

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    Even better... I suggest you to go on to google and type in Graphs. Click on the first result and you can download this graph. It can plot y-intercepts for you, so you don't have trouble.

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