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Hello, I need help doing a 16 box Punnett Square on this problem:

Tongue rolling (rolling the tongue into a “taco”shape) is dominant over not having the ability to roll the tongue (R and r- respectively). Having free earlobes is dominant to attached (F and f respectively). A man has free hanging earlobes and can roll his tongue; however his mom and wife have attached earlobes and cannot roll their tongues. List the types of children can produce and the possible proportions of the different types.

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    Since R and F are dominant, so the mom and the wife must have both recessive genes, namely rr and ff.

    Similarly, since the mom has rr and ff, the man must have at least one r and one f. Since he rolls his tongue and has free hanging earlobes, his genes must be heterozygous, namely Rr and Ff.

    The offsprings will inherit one allele from each parent, leading to the following results:

    Parents Rm+Fn rr+ff (m=R or r, n=F or f)
    -> Man Rr+Ff
    Wife rr+ff
    Possible combinations:
    Rr - 50%/rr - 50%
    Ff - 50%/ff - 50%

    Rr+Ff 25%
    rr+Ff 25%
    Rr+ff 25%
    rr+ff 25%

    Check my calculations. It's been a while since I last did those.

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    Thank you so much! I will check with my teacher tomorrow. That's what i though it would be but wasn't sure. Thanks again!

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