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Mason starts walking from home at 3.7 mph. Ema leaves to follow Mason 48 minutes later walking at 4.1 mph. How long will it take Ema to catch up to Mason?

  • algebra -

    RT = D (rate * time = distance)
    4.1 = Emma's rate
    3.7 = Mason's rate
    T = Emma's time
    T + .08 = Mason's time (48/60 = 0.8h)
    4.1T = Emma's distance
    3.7(T + 0.8) = Mason's distance

    Distances are equal to each other
    3.7(T + 0.8) = 4.1T
    3.7T + 2.96 = 4.1T
    0.4T = 2.96
    T = 7.4 hour

    Emma will catch up to Mason in 7.4 hours

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