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math (surface area)

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i know the formula of a rectangles surface area is SA= 2(lw)+(wh)+(lh), but when the dimensions are : 2a for the height, a for the width, and 3a for the length, how do i solve?

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    Put l=3a, w=a, h=2a
    into your formula to get
    S = 2(lw+wh+lh)
    = 2(3a*a + a*2a + 3a*2a)
    = 2(11a²)
    = 22a²

    Check my work.

    Bote: The parentheses in your formula have been misplaced. The correct form is:

  • math (surface area) -

    I have no clue I suck at math can someone PLEASE help me to!??!

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