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can somebody help me with this problem....DONT GIVE ME THE ANSWER JUST HOW TO WORK IT...

2r + 8 / 4 = 3r - 6 /3


    i think i figured it out.....i think the answer is r=8


    Not correct

    Post your work and someone can explain what you are doing wrong.

    First simplify 8/4 and 6/3
    and then combine like terms.


    helper, its not 8/4 and 6/3. its 2r+8 over 4 = 3r-6 over 3


    That is written
    (2r+8)/4 = (3r-6)/3

    (r+4)/2 = (r-2)

    r+4 = 2(r-2)

    r+4 = 2r - 4

    8 = r

    (16+8)/4 =? (24-6)/3

    24/4 = ? 18/3

    6 = 6 yes, it checks


    Thanks so much!


    (2r + 8)/4 = (3r - 6)/3

    Yes, you are correct, r = 8.

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