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which of these is most likely favored by both management of labor?

a. an increase in wages

b.cutbacks in health coverage due to rising health care costs

c. establishment of a profit sharing plan

d. guarantees against layoffs

e. new work rules to increase output

i think the answer is a are b but i want to go with a

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    I don't know of any employers who want to increase wages. I know of no employees who want to give up some of their health care package.

    You're batting 0 with your answer guesses.

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    ok i'm reading my binder and i'm not understanding. but i 'm going to say d becausenoone want to get layed off

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    Employers wouldn't willingly agree to a no-layoff policy. If their sales drop, they will have to lay off staff since they don't need as many goods to sell.

    A profit-sharing plan is favored by both employees and employers. It gives the employees a small percentage of the profits the company makes. It gives the employees a vested interest in the company and encourages them to work harder and smarter to increase profits

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