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Consider a 50 L tank which hold 20 g of hydrogen gas, 20 g of carbon dioxide gas, and 20 g of krypton gas, at a total pressure of 600 KPa. 1. which gas has the largest partial pressure? 2. Which gas the smallest average speed? 3. What is the temperature of this gas mixture? 4. What is the partial pressure of carbon monoxide? 5. What volume would this gas mixture occupy at STP?

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    Compute the number of moles n of each gas.
    1. The gas with the highest number of moles will have the largest partial pressure.
    2. They all have the same T, and average speed is proportional to sqrt(T/M), where M is the molar mass. The lightest gas moved the fastest
    3. Use pV = N R T
    to compute T
    where N is the total number of moles
    4. p(CO2)/P = n(CO2)/N
    5. V(STP) = 22.4 liters * N

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