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Explain the following observation in terms of the collision theory, restricting each to about 25 words.

NO(g) + O3(g)--> NO2(g) + O2(g)

(a) An increase in temperature increases the reaction rate.

(b) Compressing the gases into a smaller volume increases the reaction rate.

(c) Adding a small amount of a nickel catalyst to the reaction vessel increases the rate without increasing the temperature.

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    a. Increasing T increases the energy of the molecules which increases the probability that a reaction will take place when a collision takes place.

    b. Compressing the gas into a smaller volume increases the concn of the gases and that increases the change of a collision.

    c. Adding a Ni catalyst provides a surface to which the molecules can form an intermediate. It effectively lowers the activation energy for the reaction.

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    Did you get the formal charge question taken care of? Do you understand how to assign formal chargers.

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    what is the mean of non integer coefficients in the chemical reactions and why is used?

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