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How would u figure this question out?

Does this system of linear equation have a solution of (-3,4)?

2x-3 = 6
y = 3x-13

Do u just substitute the numbers or something?


    Yes, just substitute in both equations

    Left Side = 2x-3 = 2(-3) - 3 = -9
    but RS = 6, so the values don't even work in the first equation, you can stop here
    (-3,4) is NOT a solution

    I have a feeling that your first equation should have been
    2x - 3y = 6
    in that case:
    LS - 2(-3) - 3(4) = -6
    RS = +6
    No point even trying the second

    So no good either.


    Yes, sorry Reiny I had forgotton the Y. And thanks for the explanation:)

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