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ive done ten sentences, five are verb and five are adjective, please check.

1. Lily bought a pink cat mask for the
halloween party.

2. Anna was covering her scar with makeup as she didn't want anyone to make fun of it.

3. Tory dressed up in disguise to scare his little sister in thinking he was a thief.

4. Concealing her journal entries with invisible ink underneath her drawing was curious.

5. He tried to camoflauge the cow's pelt with paint.

6. Silently, Lisa got up from her bed, and took a glass of water.

7. For her wedding, Teressa bought a huge veil worth two hundred twenty dollars.

8. Tom deceived his friends and ran away with their money.

9. Karly wanted to blend in with the crowd, as she felt lonely herself.

10. Sneakly, Tom and Pom stole three packs of gum from the corner store.

I don't know if Ive got 5 verbs and 5 adjectives in here, please check, thanks


    Every sentence has a verb (sometimes more than one).

    Please list the verbs and adjectives you think are in these sentences.

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