ancient civillation

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which lasted the longest.
which lasted shortest.
which began earliest.
which began latest.
Also what were the civillations that lasted 3000 years or more.
please help i`m confused.

  • ancient civillation -

    Which civilizations have you studied?

    China claims to have the longest continuous civilization.

  • ancient civillation -

    we stared this unit 2 days ago and we have a project on them they are china egypt and greaPr

  • ancient civillation -

    Would Mesopotamia be what you mean? I suspect that might be earliest.
    Now I suppose if you count transitions such as Sumer to Akkad to Assyria to Babylon to Persian Empire to Hellenic to Ottoman to English and French rule all the way to Saddam Hussein and us as one civilization, Mesopotamia wins :)

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