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sinA= 3/5 and C=17
Finding a and b

Their two triangles and i have to find the ratio

i just can’t seem to set up the problem right but i gave an example of one of the practice exercise that dealt with finding only (a) so i got confused with finding a and b in that question.

for example :

find a ,given sin A = 1/2, b=1

now sinA=1/2 by the Pythagoream Theorem i know that that b=sqrt3

then given that information i cross multiplied
b/a = b1/a1
sqrt3/1 = 1/a1
squr 3*a1=1
a1=1/sqrt3 then by rationlizing
i found that a1=sqrt3/3

if you know how to do these kinda of problems please help me out.

  1. helper

    this is confusing, post the exact problem you need help with

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