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Penicillin is an important antibiotic isolated from a type of mold. If you have 0.0468 g Penicillin, C14H20N2SO4MW = 31239 gmol , answer the following questions.

A. How many moles of Penicillin do you have?
B. What is the number of moles of nitrogen that are present?
C. What is the mass percent of sulfur in the compound?
D. What would be the concentration if you dissolved all the penicillin in 600 mL water?

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    A. moles = grams/molar mass
    B. There are two moles N for every 1 mole penicillin (from the formula).
    C. (mass S/molar mass)*100 = (32/molar mass)*100 = ??
    D. No units are specified. If you want it in molarity, then M = moles/L. You have moles (from A) and you have L (from D). Substitute and solve for M.

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