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what have many immigrants done for our country in 1900s???
What happend with the immigrants in 1900s when there went into the building?(Ellis Island)

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    Check some of these sites. Copy and paste the subjects in a Google search box.

    Searches related to 20th century noted immigrants

    italian immigrants 20th century

    immigration early 20th century

    irish immigration 20th century

    jewish immigration 20th century
    canadian immigration 20th century

    german immigration 20th century

    chinese immigration 20th century

    immigration britain 20th century

    About Ellis Island --

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    Well many immigrants have made America a very diverse country because of all the cultures that came into America. They created jobs, and on a negative note, they increased housings and overcrowed tennants and made the living conditions horrible.
    ****cant answer second question, but i hope this helps you(=***********

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