9th grade algebra

posted by james

solve -5/6=2/3(3c+4)

  1. drwls

    First multiply both sides by 3/2

    -5/4 = 3c + 4

    Then subtract 4 from both sides.
    Then divide both sides by 3

    You can do this yourelf

  2. Steph Richard


  3. Anonymous

    two trucks left buck's trucks traveling in opposite directions. one truck traveled at a rate of 70km/h, the other at 80km/h. after how many hours were the trucks 900 km apart?

  4. Matt


  5. sol

    substitution method y=2x + 1

  6. matthew

    a sphere has a diameter of 6x cen write an expression to represent the volume of the sphere in terms of pie

  7. Bob

    The sum of two numbers is 90.their difference is 18.find the numbers.

  8. mark

    two volumes one is 8 the other 125, the surface are is 4, what is the other surface area

  9. maria

    input/output numbers. i need the relation.
    x-1 2 3 4 5
    y-0 5 28 81 176

  10. Rishi

    an isosceles triangle has two angles that are congruent. the third angle has a measure that is 3 times the measure of either of the other two angles. Determine the degree measure of each angle. Show or explain your work

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