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Prove the following trigonometric identity: (sec^2x-1)(csc^2x-1)=1

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    randy re check the question and use brackets to identify
    do u mean secant squared?
    or secant to the power of 2x-1

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    secant squared... ((sec^2)x-1)((csc^2)x-1)

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    re write the question properly
    sec^2 x?
    is there something there?
    there should be either x or thetha there
    and is it multplied

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    Sorry forgot the =1 on the end, ((sec^2)x-1)((csc^2)x-1)=1

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    (sec^2 (x) - 1)(csc^2 (x) - 1) = 1
    sec^2 (x) - 1 = tan^2 (x)
    csc^2 (x) - 1 = cot^2 (x)

    (tan^2 (x) )(cot^2 (x)) = 1
    cot^2 (x) = 1/tan^2 (x)

    (tan^2 (x) )(1/tan^2 (x))= 1
    tan^2 (x)/tan^2 (x)= 1
    1 = 1

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    Thank you.

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    you're welcome

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