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Z+5/7=3 home work problem that was not taught in class?

  • 7th Grade -


  • 7th Grade -

    7z + 5 = 21

  • 7th Grade -

    z + 5/7 = 3
    z = 3 - 5/7
    z= 2&2/7

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    Assuming that you are solving for z...


    subtract the 5/7 over to get the "Z" by itself. This would leave you with...


    Now you need a common denominator so you can legally subtract the 3 and 5/7. Your common denomenator would be a 7 because the 3 has no denominator and the 7 is already there...So give the 3 a 7/7 to get 21/7 it would be useless to go higher than a 7...don't do more than you have to.


    Now all you have to do is subtract.


    See if you can reduce...which you can't, then circle your answer and there it is! Hope this helps...oh and don't forget to keep things in order...you are subtracting...and can't mess the order up.

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